Monday, February 7, 2011

Verizon's iphone Sucks!

After all the commotion and excitement that this magnificent phone was bringing to everyone it let them down. Seems like Verizon isn't actually the best carrier out there. Little that they knew they weren't ready for this smart phone. Long story short Verizon dropped the unlimited data plan just like AT&T did due to the server getting slower and slower.

The following quote made laugh:
“We’ve been working on this for a very long time,” John Stratton, Verizon’s CEO, said during the Verizon iPhone press conference last month. “We expect unprecedented demand, bigger than anything we’ve ever seen before. We feel good about being able to handle it.”Working on what for a very long time? A plan to handle a flood of new data-heavy customers by slowing everybody down? Brilliant."

Well seems like i will be sticking with the OG of iphones AT&T. I haven't had any issues by far and after reading this i don't think Verizon  follows their saying so much. Can you hear me now? yeah i can hear you but my internet just got slower. i'll leave it at that.

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