Monday, March 21, 2011

Best movie of the year? (comedy)

I recently had a movie night with my roommates and let me tell you. If you haven't seen this movie yet it's a must see. What movie am i talking about? Due Date! it has no shame to its comedy and its random at any moment of the movie. Don't miss out on Zach Galifianakis best acting by far.

Few bands in town playing live!

On March 22,2011 there will be a few bands playing at Jackrabbits. Bands such as A Rocket To The Moon With Valencia, Anarbor, Runner Runner and Go Radio. If you enjoy their style of music don't miss out on this great show put on by this very talented young guys.

A hispanic fast food?

I recently went to this fast food that i used to go when i was younger and i lived in Puerto Rico. I would've never thought that they would make it as far as having one here in Jax, Fl. It is an amazing environment, great food and great service. They recently debuted their grilled chicken wings. It's a must try if you haven't yet. You can thank me later.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A 10yr. can then anyone can

As we this 10yr. old is being sworn into the Army. This young boys name is Brennan and he has terminal cancer and this was his last wish, the army granted this . Brennan has been an Army lover since he can remember, he has a facebook  page for all of his fan named Brennan's brigade. A charity called DREAMS Come True of Louisiana aparently had part of making this happen. So i think if this 10yr. was able to join the military and had the courage to do so. Anyone can do it.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Soon to rent movies on Facebook? what?

Apparently Warner Bros. is going to be one of the first ones to start renting movies online but through facebook. Beginning with the Batman movie. They are expecting all this facebook fans to be renting movies since facebook is the most website visited now a days. Very smart move from the Warner's Bros.